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Caring for your acne prone skin during weather change

13rd January 2014

Some of us will notice the difference in our skin in different weather conditions, with our skin becoming excessively dry, itchy, oily or more acne-prone at various times of the year. If you want to ensure that your skin doesn't break out uncontrollably during these seasonal changes, you could create and follow an effective acne skin care plan.

Below are some interesting tips on how you could live a more acne free life during weather changes.

Tip 1: Increase your hydration level

Try to drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day, not just for health related reasons but also to keep our skin revitalized. During the winter in particular, our skin needs a certain amount of moisture comparatively to the summers, regardless of our skin type.

Remember to moisturise your skin well and keep it hydrated throughout all the different seasons.

Tip 2: Skip hot showers

As tempting as it is in the winter, we should try to skip exceptionally hot showers to prevent further damage to your skin. Don't have excessively cold showers either (not that you would!) during the summer, because it can lead to our skin turning dry and flaky.

Tip 3: Reduce exfoliating

As we may be aware, exfoliation helps maintain healthy looking skin. However, too much of it, especially during the weather changes can damage your skin and make it unpleasantly dry and rough.

Stick to exfoliating once a week so you are still able to restore the natural oils of the skin. By following this routine, you can save your skin from breaking out uncontrollably on your face.

The sum up...

You may not have realised that there would be a connection between acne-prone skin and seasonal changes. However, we can avoid any type of irritation caused to our skin by making some simple but effective changes to our daily lifestyles such as reducing the number of times we exfoliate our skin.

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