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Cameron's acne struggle

3rd January 2014

Celebrities are well known for their glamorous lifestyles and flawless appearances, so it's easy to forget that they suffer from the same things as everyone else. Acne is a problem that numerous individuals suffer from, with multiple causes and acne treatments.

It may come as a shock to some but Cameron Diaz was one of these individuals. In past interviews she has talked about her struggle with painful teenage acne and how it was her only thought when out in public.

Diet change

Cameron claims to have tried endless efforts to improve or hide her skin, her final of which was to change what food she ate. There is a wide range of help out there for people in this situation, including laser treatment for acne and clinics that are qualified and trained to deal with different skin conditions.

She talks about the vast amounts of greasy food she would eat, eating whatever she wanted. Despite being lucky enough not to gain weight from such an unhealthy diet, when she started eating healthily she realised it was the cause of all her skin problems. By treating her body better by eating more vegetables and healthy food, her skin improved drastically as well as having other benefits like extra energy.

Cameron Diaz is now a well-known advocate for a healthy lifestyle, but not everyone is so lucky to find such a clear solution to their acne problems. A balanced diet is obviously important but if you are still finding your spots refuse to go away, have a look in to other forms of acne treatment that are offered by reliable and friendly clinics like sk:n.

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