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Big breakfasts can help women with PCOS fight infertility

24th January 2014

Israeli scientists have found that the timing of your largest meal in the day can help women with PCOS overcome their infertility issues. As you may already know, PCOS is a disorder, where women can suffer from a range of symptoms such as weight gain, acne, infertility and excess body hair problems.

About the findings of the research

Israeli experimenters as suggested earlier, have found that consumption of a hearty big breakfast can help women with PCOS tackle their infertility issues. It was discovered that the timing of these meals also had a significant effect on ovulation and hormone levels.

The researchers gathered a sample of 60 women between the ages of 25 to 39, all thin and suffering from PCOS. It was a study that took place over a 12-week time frame, with the women being separated into two groups. The first group having the largest meal approximately 980 calories eaten at breakfast and the other group having their largest meal at dinner.

The results extracted from this study demonstrated that the women with PCOS belonging to the dinner group showed no change unlike the breakfast group who showed a number of significant changes. Their glucose levels and insulin resistance decreased by 8%, testosterone dropped by a drastic 50% and finally, the number of ovulating women increased, showing an increase in fertility.

To conclude...

Being diagnosed with PCOS is a lot to take in for most women and will undoubtedly be a highly disheartening and emotional experience. There are several different symptoms of PCOS we would have to deal with and having an effective PCOS treatment for each symptom would be a great start to fighting against PCOS.

It would be advisable for those with a growing concern over their acne breakouts or their excessive body hair to visit a skin laser clinic near them very soon and seek professional advice from a expert dermatologist.

However if you are one of those women who is struggling to get pregnant then why not try to eat a heavy breakfast similarly to the women in the Israeli study and see if this also makes a difference to your fertility.

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