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Belgian woman's 56 face tattoos now all removed

6th January 2014

It makes complete sense when they say 'think before you ink' considering the rate of laser tattoo removals being performed on clients has grown radically over the years. A Belgian woman famously made headlines after receiving 56 star tattoos from a tattoo artist by mistake, when she actually only requested for 3 star tattoos on her face.

Below is a short clip, which gives a more detailed insight into her story.

There has been a fair deal of controversy surrounding this topic about the Belgian 22 year old receiving 56 tattoos on her face by her local tattooist. Did she ask for these 56 star tattoos or was it a big mistake made by her local tattoo artist?

At the beginning of the clip she states she specifically only asked for 3 tattoos at her local tattoo parlour. According to her initial statements however, he kept adding more and more tattoos after she dozed off under the needle.

She claimed that the unfortunate tattoos on her face were likely to be due to the language barrier between her and the tattooist. She apparently threatened to sue him for the cost of laser tattoo removal that she would have to undergo. She also stated that, she avoided going out in public because she felt like a freak.

Later in the clip however, she confesses on a Dutch TV station short after the incident that she asked for these 56 tattoos and was actually awake throughout her tattoo sessions. Since this incident the local tattooist gets written consent from all his customers for all his designs before going ahead with any form of body art to avoid any similar catastrophes like this.

To conclude...

Despite the controversial nature of the issue at hand, the 22 year old has still had to carry out nine tattoo laser removal sessions since 2010. The tattoo removal process has certainly worked for her and has been a blessing.

It's a relief for millions of people to know that tattoos are no longer for life and can be permanently removed with the assistance of tattoo laser removal procedures.

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