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The anti-ageing magic of Fraxel now revealed on The Oprah Winfrey Show

9th January 2014

Turn back the clock on your skin no matter what your age with the use of Fraxel. You will experience minimal discomfort with this type of treatment. It is a safe and effective skin laser treatment that can resurface damaged skin and bring out the young and sexy diva in you.

Below is a short youtube clip about the anti-aging magic of Fraxel, which is now revealed on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Fraxel on The Oprah Winfrey Show

In this short youtube clip, Oprah Winfrey talks about age defying makeovers. She advises us at the beginning of the video that it's important for us to look and feel younger and that we can make this happen.

We are introduced to 6 women who have taken part in a 10 years younger experiment, where changes are not only made to their hairstyles and clothing, but also to their skin with the help of various skin treatments including Fraxel and skin peels.

We meet Catherine, where her average age guess was 51, but she's in fact only 41 years of age. She reveals to us that she let herself go as soon as she got married and had 2 children, giving them all her focus and attention and neglected herself in the process. This now single mum of teenage twins tells us that she wants her youthful spirit back especially with her children now going off to college.

The process

Catherine was hoping to see a big difference and the first things to go were her wrinkles with the assistance of a well trained and experienced dermatologist, who performed treatments like Fraxel, skin peels and Botox on her. She even received eye laser surgery so she can finally get rid of her old fashioned glasses also referred to as the 'granny' glasses on the show.

To sum up...

Nearing the end of the video we see a massive improvement in Catherine’s appearance as we are shown the before and after images and the beautifully transformed lady herself. She tells us that she now has a better sense of self worth in comparison to before.

The 10 years younger experiment gave her the opportunity to gain the ability to feel important too, which she previously struggled to do when giving her children all her focus.

If you can relate to Catherine's story and feel as if you too are losing yourself, then why not focus on yourself and enquire about the various anti-ageing treatments here at sk:n. Popular anti-ageing procedures like Fraxel, as you have seen in the video, greatly help achieve your goal of looking and feeling younger.

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