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Aloe, Aloe!

19th January 2014

Aloe vera also famously known as the plant of immortality, has been used as a natural remedy for a variety of purposes since ancient history. It is considered to be a miracle worker for numerous parts of your body such as your skin, health and hair. It can also be used as a key ingredient in foods and energy drinks and therefore comes in a variety of forms.

Below are a few benefits of aloe vera plus a detailed account of how it can help you achieve youthful looking skin, you have always wished for.

Benefit 1: Aloe vera helps aid with digestion

Aloe vera works as a laxative which makes it easier for the food particles to pass through the intestine and help you digest your food more effectively and efficiently. This also consequently helps towards weight loss.

Benefit 2: Aloe vera helps get rid of dandruff

Aloe vera is also used as a solution to getting rid of dandruff. This is because the natural enzymes found in aloe vera relieve and moisture the scalp that helps to eliminate the scalp dryness, which causes dandruff. Aloe vera ultimately brings a refreshing and cooling sensation to the scalp.

Benefit 3: Aloe vera supplies your body with essential nutrients

It has been mentioned in past research that drinking aloe vera juice will provide your body with essential nutrients, which help produce and maintain healthier radiant skin. It promotes the removal of dead cells and replaces it with new ones, giving the skin that radiant glow we're all looking for.

Benefit 4: Aloe vera is also used as a natural anti-ageing remedy

Aloe vera contains a high level of anti-oxidants like beta carotene, vitamins C and E that improve the natural firmness of skin. It improves the skins elasticity and encourages collagen production, which in turn minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It ultimately helps towards making your skin more vibrant and younger looking, so get your hands on your very own aloe vera gel today.

Other anti-aging remedies in addition to aloe vera

If you want to go the extra mile and go beyond the natural aloe vera remedies to achieve younger looking skin, then why not find out more about Sulptra? It is tailor made for women who want to permanently abolish deep lines and wrinkles from visible parts of their bodies like their face.

Sculptra™ is composed of a synthetic injectable material known as Polylactic acid and requires between three and six sessions, with 80% of the treated area showing a vast improvement. You can find out more about Sculptra and other skin rejuvenation treatments by booking a free consultation at sk:n today. The experts at sk:n deal with thousands of clients all over the UK, all with the one aim of changing your lives for the better.

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