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Steps on how to manage acne before your big day

28th February 2014

Your wedding day will be one of the most special and important days of your life. It's not surprising then, that couples try their level best to ensure their wedding day is perfect and that includes your skin. If you are prone to breakouts, then having the stress of your acne going out of control before the big day can become very distressing.

Although nothing can guarantee flawless skin for your wedding, the right management can improve your acne and increase your chances of great skin on the day. Below are some steps you can follow to help keep your acne under control before your wedding:

Start a strict skin care regime

Stick to a good skin care routine before the wedding. A good skin care plan would include cleaning, exfoliating, moisturising and the using sun protection on a daily basis.

Manage stress

Organising your wedding day is definitely not a walk in the park and requires various different arrangements to be made. It's only natural for people to experience higher stress levels during this time of their life.

A few studies have shown a connection between acne severity and stress. Make sure you know how to manage your stress correctly. Try activities like yoga, meditation, reading or any other activity that helps you unwind. These will help you enjoy the wedding planning better.

Don't pick, pop, or squeeze

Try to resist the urge to pop or squeeze any pimples because picking at the blemishes can trigger more inflammation and only worsen your acne. Plus, makeup can conceal a blemish more easily than it can a scar or a scab, so don't pop!

To conclude...

You should enjoy every minute of your wedding planning from start to finish. If this means beginning acne laser treatment sessions in a pursuit to achieving flawless looking skin, then so be it.

But most of all, if you are able to relax and enjoy your big day you will of course look radiant and the bride you always wanted to be.

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