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The science behind PCOS now revealed on The Doctors

26th February 2014

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders among females. It has multiple symptoms like excess hair and acne, which can naturally become very distressing.

We have heard of PCOS but do you know the science behind PCOS?

Below is a short clip based on the TV series The Doctors, where the science behind PCOS is the central focus of discussion.

A greater insight into PCOS

At the beginning of the video, we are reminded that PCOS is essentially one of the number one causes of infertility and menstrual irregularity. We are also told how we are prone to experience higher levels of insulin resistance because of this condition. This is bad news for most females because that would be one of the main reasons behind their weight gain.

As the video progresses, we gain a better idea on how the process of ovulation exactly works. According to the professionals in this episode, women with PCOS do not ovulate but methods like weight control and certain medications can help restore ovulation. Another interesting point to pick up on in the video is the fact that an individual's PCOS is more in control as they start to age.

The summary...

It's completely understandable that PCOS can add a lot of pressure and stress in our lives. It is true, when they say that women with PCOS undoubtedly go through a hormonal rollercoaster but it is also true that PCOS can be tackled if managed correctly.

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