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Pop artist Lorde in a mission to fight acne

24th February 2014

The incredibly talented, 17 year old singing sensation Lorde, recently published her acne-prone skin to the world on Instagram. She named the photo, "In Paris with my acne cream on".

Acne is not the most appealing subject to talk about out in the open, but this is not the case for singer Lorde. Unfortunately not all of us have the courage to do this but that does not mean we can't win the battle against our acne.

It would be great if more influential celebrities like Lorde used their social media presence in showing younger fans more of their flaws, instead of their quests for achieving impossible perfection. Lorde has become a great role model to several young women with her booming career in such a short space of time.

A positive approach to acne...

Similarly to pop artist Lorde, we can also take a positive approach to our acne breakouts and not hide away our blemishes. As unattractive as these pimples may look, it would be worth reminding ourselves that there are several ways in which we can permanently get rid of your acne.

Why not look into starting acne laser treatment sessions by a qualified and experienced dermatologist? You can find out more about acne treatment by visiting a sk:n clinic near you, where many lives have changed for the better with the help of their skin specialists.

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