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Male athletes that remove body hair

19th February 2014

It's not only female athletes that are keen on laser hair removal. Men, especially sportsmen are also big fans of laser hair removal for athletic reasons of course, but also because they like the rest of us, want to look good.

Below is a list of male athletes who favour hair removal laser treatment as their preferred de-fuzzing method:


According to research, there is performance improvement for swimmers who have minimal body hair. The study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine found that swimmers with no hair, performing the breast stroke over 400 yards, at 90% effort, experienced a reduction in blood lactate, a decreased VO2, and an increase in stroke length.


Cyclists normally tend to have hair-free skin in order to mitigate road rash. Crashes are all too common and having hair-free skin helps in the cleansing and healing of the wounds, as grit is less likely to be trapped in the cuts and grazes.

Body builders

Body builders are also known to be great supporters of laser hair removal for men. This isn't for any performance enhancement reasons but is more due to aesthetic and vanity reasons, so they can show off their big muscles being hair-free.

You don’t have to be a male athlete to want to be hair-free.

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