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Laser Tattoo Removal: In the words of a professional

10th February 2014

Dr Jose Manuel Miralles is a dermatologist who specialises in laser treatments, and below are the answers that he gives surrounding the process of laser tattoo removal. It is advisable to always talk to a specialist about what is involved and what your concerns are, a good clinic will be more than happy to make sure you get all the information you feel you need.

Before treatment

Because almost all tattoos require more than one session to have it removed, the specialist will need to assess the tattoo to decide how many sessions will be needed. Dr Miralles highlights the factors that will affect this: the size and age of the tattoo, the colour of the ink, who performed the tattoo, and where on the body it is located.

The treatment sessions

Dr Miralles explains that although it is hard to give a definite number of sessions before the process, it usually takes around five sessions for small tattoos and twenty or more for larger, more intricate designs. He recommends a session every two months because any more frequent can cause less effective results and more side effects.

Success of treatment

A lot of people are unsure whether tattoos can be completely removed but Dr Miralles says that they can be. He highlights the fact that it may take a long time, especially when the tattoo contains colours like white, blues or black.


A concern some have is over the safety of laser tattoo removal and Dr Miralles can offer comfort for these people by explaining that as long as you go to experts to have the procedure then it is perfectly safe. Only laser removal specialists, for example at qualified skin clinics, have the expertise to reduce side effects and minimise any risk.

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