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Does alcohol cause acne?

20th February 2014

Sometimes, after a long stressful day, we might just want to unwind with a glass of wine. There is nothing wrong with drinking to relax, but it can be a problem if alcohol is related to acne or skin problems.

Below are some of the reasons on why alcohol causes acne:

Reason 1: Alcohol consumption and the production of testosterone

Alcohol consumption stimulates the production of testosterone. This is a steroid hormone which stimulates the sebaceous gland that is a major cause of the formation of acne.

Reason 2: Alcohol weakens the immune system

Alcohol decreases the power of the immune system, and this makes it tricky to get rid of bacteria in the body, that can also be a major culprit behind your acne development.

Reason 3: The sugar in some alcoholic beverages can cause acne breakouts

It has also been suggested that sugar in some alcoholic drinks leads to inflammation and acne breakouts.

Reason 4: Alcohol reduces the vitamins in the body

Alcohol has found to lower the levels of Vitamin A, a vitamin necessary for a healthier body and skin. It therefore helps to keep acne under control.

Will reducing your alcohol intake help your skin?

There appears to be a definite connection between alcohol consumption and the formation of acne. It’s not that we should stay away from alcohol, but maybe just keep an eye out on the amount we intake on a daily basis or abstain for a month and see if you notice an improvement?

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