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Bodyshockers: My tattoo hell

15th February 2014

A large sum of people appear to be just as hasty to go ahead with laser tattoo removal treatments nowadays as they were to get the tattoo done in the first place.

We meet a range of people who have already gone ahead with tattoo removal procedures on Katy Piper's Bodyshockers show and how they are dealing with their tattoos from a rebellious age.

In this programme, we are introduced to Merlisa, who is regretting a chest tattoo from her more rebel days. She explained to Katy that it was a way of crossing boundaries and telling the world that she didn't care what they thought of her. As time has passed, she is now a mother of one and feels that she is trapped in a body that no longer represents her.

Katie Piper reveals that we are now the most tattooed nation with over 20 million people who have tattoos. She also tells us that she has a tattoo on her hip from her earlier and wilder times

Fed up with your tattoo?

You might also be in the same position as Merlisa, where you are fed up with being stereotyped a certain way because of your tattoos. If this is the case then, it would be a sensible idea to get more information on the price for tattoo removal treatments at sk:n from an expert dermatologist.

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