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Are Anti-Oxidants Really Making You Look Younger?

11th February 2014

Now pretty much any guide to anti-ageing will say that anti-oxidants are key to making your skin look younger and fresher due to their ability to slow down the ageing process. The theory suggests that ageing is linked to the molecular damage caused by free radicals (specific type of oxygen molecules).

The Research

The University College London Institute of Healthy Ageing conducted a study investigating the claims of the miracle anti-ageing properties of anti-oxidants on Nematode worms (roundworms). These worms share a lot of genes with humans and are useful in experiments due to their short life span.

By manipulating the genes of the worms, they found no change in their lifespan, leading them to conclude that the free radical theory is unlikely to be true.

The take-away

This study suggests that the vast amount of anti-ageing products with anti-oxidants may be no more than a waste of money. However, anti-oxidants are important for your health so don't cut them out of your diet just yet, talk to your GP if you have major questions.

Research continues to look into what causes the molecular damage that causes ageing but until they find the answers, why not look into the non-surgical treatment options available to help you fight the effects of time, such as Fillers or Sculptra. Book a free consultation today.

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