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Will this gel reduce rosacea redness?

30th December 2014

A new prescription gel available on the NHS is claiming to provide the 6 million Britons who suffer from rosacea a cheap alternative to laser treatments.

How it works

Mirvaso, a topical gel that aims to reduce the facial redness of rosacea, includes a substance called Brimonidine Tartrate. This substance works to narrow the blood vessels of the skin in order to reduce bloodflow and therefore redness in the face.

Source: http://www.rosacea.org/patients/managementoptions/medicaltherapy.php


Although claiming to be a big breakthrough, the effect of the gel lasts up to 12 hours and roughly a third of patients respond to it. The gel may appear to provide a cheap, quick solution but there doesn't appear to be any long-term effect.

It is instructed to be applied every 24 hours and lasts up to 2 months; this can not only become rather tedious but would require a new prescription every time the gel runs out. Patients are also recommended to still avoid any well-known rosacea triggers – extreme temperatures, caffeine and alcohol – as they may still have an impact.


Although your GP may be able to provide you with treatment options, they're unlikely to be able to go into much detail about them and whether it's appropriate for you. Clinics that specialise in these kinds of procedures are able to give you personalised recommendations and explain the entire process; from patch tests to aftercare.

It very much depends on your personal needs. Some people may prefer to spend more money for a treatment that gives them long lasting results but not everyone has that option. This gel could be the answer to those who experience mild rosacea treatment and therefore would rather top up their prescription when their symptoms flare up (e.g. in the winter).

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