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Tattoo removal could combat acne scars

29th December 2014

Research regarding the impacts of Laser Tattoo removal has been suggested to not only get rid of your tattoos but also seems to remove your acne scars. We have looked into the functionalities of laser tattoo removal, which can make your acne disappear.

Effects of Laser Tattoo removal on your acne scars

A study on 17 people was undertaken to highlight the effects of laser tattoo removal on patients who all suffer from acne scars. From these tests, it has been claimed that the laser has effectively made those unwanted acne scars disappear.

However, there are other outcomes that have been found when using this type of laser to remove your acne scars. As a matter of fact, it has been suggested redness and swelling will appear but also it can change the pigmentation of your skin.

Purpose of Laser Tattoo Removal

Although this study has claimed to combat acne scars, it is crucial for you to remember that Laser Tattoo removals are suggested to only be used for the purpose of removing your unwanted skin decorations. This study has only been tested on a small sample and therefore other treatments specifically directed towards acne such as fractional laser technology offers a more effective remedy to your skin problems. Furthermore, these two technologies have different effects on different people, depending on your skin and how much money you are ready to invest to reduce the appearances of acne scars.

As a matter of fact, the fractional ablative laser is harsher on your skin, takes a month to heal and is cost efficient whereas the laser from the study discussed above is very expensive, takes the same time to repair but gentler on your skin.

Consequently, we highly recommend consulting a dermatologist at your nearest skin clinic to receive the best treatment for your skin.

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