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Tattoo Regret

28th December 2014

There's an old saying that death and taxes were life's only inevitabilities, but for many years you could guarantee that once you got a tattoo, it was with you for life. Now, thankfully for many, there are relatively painless and affordable solutions that give you the chance to change your mind.

One of the leading techniques, laser tattoo removal, may sound off-putting to many. It's understandable that with thoughts of lasers burning away your flesh, people decide they'd rather stick with the tattoo. In reality, this isn't how the treatment works at all.

Instead, the laser's thermal energy works on the ink of the tattoo itself. There's no question of "burning" anything: instead there's just enough energy to break up the ink into small particles. These are tiny enough that they can be picked up and removed by what are called scavenger cells, a part of the skin that is naturally designed to deal with unwanted substances such as viruses. It takes multiple treatments over at least six months (depending on how deep the tattoo was inked), but the tattoo will safely and simply fade away.

The good news is that while the treatment can be a little uncomfortable, it's not a high level of pain, and certainly won't be anywhere close to the pain you felt in having the tattoo in the first place! The balance of advantages and disadvantages involved in tattoo removal before and after the development of laser-based methods really has swung to the "pro" side.

Unfortunately the laser technique isn't for everyone as it can leave the skin quite light in the area where the tattoo used to be. This isn't noticeable in many cases, but could be an issue if you have darker skin. Naturally all reputable clinics will talk this over with you before starting any treatment.

So whether you want to say farewell to youthful rebellion, or your proud first love proved not to be forever, tattoo removal could be the answer to your prayers.


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