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Tattoo artist tries to remove his regrettable tattoos

18th December 2014

Tattoo artist, Pete Tieman, from Columbia recently revealed his struggle to erase his tattoo mistakes made when he was younger. This story highlights how even though tattoos are permanent features, many people often change their minds about them.

His solution to get rid of his tattoos

As a tattoo artist, Pete didn't want to go for a laser removal in order to keep his reputation intact. Instead, he opted for redrawing new tattoos on his unwanted ones. However, Pete now has all the skin of his left arm completely covered in black ink.

Pete also explains how some of his customers come to see him so has to cover previous tattoos with more ink. Interestingly, those who asked for this service were a lot more flexible regarding what could be drawn, as they just wanted to get rid of the unwanted skin decoration. Perhaps unsurprisingly the most common tattoos removed concerned ex partners or those that were not professionally drawn.

Laser tattoo Removal

Covering tattoos can be tricky business as the new design will likely be larger and bolder than the original in order to completely cover the unwanted image. Many people will be put off by this, especially if they aren't particularly into the “inked” look, as is evident by the increasing interest in laser tattoo removal.

This method provides a more desirable end result - allowing you to rewind the clock on a once considered “permanent” mistake. Laser removal isn't even just for people with the one tattoo that they want to erase but for people who perhaps feel one of their designs doesn't fit with the rest and don't want to simply cover it with more ink.

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