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Meet the new breed of spa-loving men

29th December 2014

As the shackles of gender stereotypes are slowly pushed out the door, both men and women are entering areas they have previously been deemed “unsuitable” for them. Surprisingly, going to the spa was a trend started by men despite the association with it being a female environment.

Men are clearly getting back to their roots with more and more of them happy to admit getting a treatment or two. There's even a term to describe men who love to be pampered - “Spa-rtans”.

Goodbye football, hello facials!

A recent report by Spa Guide highlighted this new “breed” of men, claiming that 28% of those questioned would choose a spa day over a sports match or even going to the pub. This is quite a high number considering this gender is stereotypically linked to excess hair, lack of personal hygiene and ignorance over the beauty industry.

According to the report, the most popular treatments included hair removal, facials and sports massages. This shows not only a need for relaxation but also an interest in personal grooming.

These treatments can even benefit those who do play sports; massages can help prevent injury as well as aid in recovery. Hair removal also has benefits; triathletes find it particular useful but not for swimming. If they were to fall off their bike, the hair can actually cause greater tearing of the skin against the pavement.

We all deserve to be pampered every now and then

No one can argue that being pampered isn't an enjoyable feeling. Having a stress release that doesn't require too much energy can be invaluable if you've had a particularly difficult week

It's not only spas who can provide these treatments and they are less likely to have medically qualified professionals; specialised clinics will make sure you're paying for something that gives you the results you want.

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