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Laser Hair Removal Brings Relief to Military Amputees

1st December 2014

Military amputees suffer from a number of chronic issues with their amputated limb, primarily at the point of contact with a prosthetic limb. They experience significant sweating and friction, which causes irritation, pain and itching. Many of them must also shave the area because hair gets pulled by the prosthetic, which can be very painful.

Army Captain Nathanial Miletta, M.D. of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery recently conducted a survey which indicates that laser hair removal may prove to be an ideal solution for amputees who suffer from these issues.

Survey Parameters

The survey was conducted by giving questionnaires to 10 veterans who had a combined total of 16 artificial limbs and had received anywhere from one to six laser hair treatments. They were asked to complete the questionnaire before and after treatment, assessing their physical symptoms, emotions and functioning.


Overall, the survey found that the amputees who had even just one laser hair removal treatment saw significant improvements in all three assessed areas. The biggest area of improvement was reduced sweating, which 8 out of the 10 participants experienced.

Less sweating meant that they also had less slippage from their prosthetic limb, which reduced friction blisters at the contact site and made them feel more secure.

Future Studies

In order to gain more significant results, they will be expanding the survey to include another 15 service members. Additionally, since the study was relatively subjective, there will be a more measurable study conducted, measuring the differences in sweat reduction from various treatments such as laser hair removal, botulinum toxin (Botox) injections, and MiraDry treatments (an energy-based treatment for sweating).

Although you may not be suffering from something as extreme as irritation from an amputated limb, you may find yourself considering treatments such as laser hair removal to reduce sweat as well as making your day to day life more convenient.

If you aren't sure what would be best for you, make sure to speak to a licensed professional about your options. You can also ensure that your skin has the best effect from the treatments by following proper aftercare as directed by your dermatologist.

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