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Is broccoli the latest sunscreen breakthrough?

9th December 2014

Our skin is very important to our self-esteem and if you have problems with your skin you might find it an even bigger priority than most. Everyone should be protecting their skin from the sun's harmful UV rays, but even the most careful may be unaware of some of the more natural aids.

What makes Broccoli protect your skin?

If you're prone to getting sunburnt and are worried about being over-exposed to the sun, research has suggested that broccoli could be just as effective as the sunscreen you would buy at a chemist or supermarket.

A component present in broccoli, sulforaphane, helps prevent the absorption of UV rays, unlike most sun protection. It uses cell protective proteins to keep your skin from being damaged by toxins and carcinogens.

Broccoli extract has even been found to reduce redness caused by UV radiation that has a lasting effect even when the sulforaphane is no longer in your system. This long-lasting effect could make sulforaphane stand out against other more common over-the-counter sunscreens.

Eat your 5 a day

The natural compounds from broccoli and other vegetables may help protect your skin emphasises the importance of eating healthily and including as many vegetables into your meals as possible.

Other precautions

In order to better protect your skin from redness or wrinkles, you must remember to always wear sunscreen even when it's cold and cloudy. Understanding your skin is very important; especially if you are particularly sensitive to sunlight or products. A dermatologist will be able to advise you on how best to deal with sensitive or sun-damaged skin.

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