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Can Jade rollers rejuvenate your skin?

30th December 2014

Looking for a new way to make your skin look young? This tool might seem like a modern way of rejuvenating your skin but it actually originates from Chinese society back to 5000BC and was found during the 12th century. During this period, jade was considered a symbol of immortality, and all the Chinese Imperial family would be covered from head-to-toe with jade suits. It has been found that the jade is also a symbol of beauty.

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Benefits of Jade roller

It has been suggested that jade rollers can rejuvenate your skin by erasing wrinkles and reducing eye puffiness. When in contact with your skin, the roller stays cold which helps in closing your pores and tightening the skin and is also known to increase lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to remove your body fluids and manipulate your toxins. Blockages in the lymph usually appear due to a lack of exercise, stress, poor diet or pollution. Consequently, by using the jade roller, you could find a smooth and nicer tone to your skin.

How to use a Jade roller

Jade rollers are very simple and easy to use; rolling the jade outwards and upwards on the face and neck can help remove any toxins in your face. In addition, we would recommend motions going outwards from the nose, upwards on the neck and outwards from the chin along the jawline to completely reduce all puffy areas and encourage blood flow.

If you encounter any redness, this means the jade is working. You might find results after a week or a month, or even a day or two - it depends on one's skin. Therefore, in order to receive the quickest and best results for your skin, consulting a dermatologist will help you obtain the treatment you are looking for and is highly recommended.

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