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Are your glasses giving you acne?

31st December 2014

Have you noticed acne or clogged pores on your face around the area where your glasses are? It may be that your glasses are causing this uncomfortable ailment. Glasses can be a valuable tool for sight and a striking fashion accessory, but if they are giving you spots then wearing them relentlessly may not be to your benefit.


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How come your glasses frames are a source of acne breakouts?

Your glasses are constantly collecting bacteria and given their close contact with your skin, this makes it easier for the bacteria to seem deep into your skin. Spots develop when sweat and oil get caught in your pores. Therefore, you will probably find more of them around the area where your glasses are sitting.

Wearing make-up, sun cream or even moisturising cream will also contribute to the increase in developing acne on your face as they actually clog bacteria further inside your pores. Therefore, the best recommendation would be to have your face nice and clean without any products covering it. However, we have selected some extra tips to reduce the number of spots that have appeared due to your glasses.

A few tips to avoid your frame glasses acne

One first very important suggestion to help in keeping a glowing face is to thoroughly clean your glass frames and lenses. To do so, we highly recommended cleaning them with alcohol pads in the morning when you wake-up, and once again before going to bed. However, if you feel that your glasses are really dirty during the day, feel free to clean them, especially if you feel that your glasses are falling off your nose. This means your nose it quite oily and needs a good clean.

Another recommendation would be to be to wash your face as soon as you get back home so as to quickly remove all the bacteria which have been resting on your face because your glasses were keeping it clogged around your glass frames.

Finally, we suggest trying to avoid touching your face and if ever you feel the need to adjust your glasses, do be sure to only handle your glasses where the frame is not touching your skin.

If you still find your acne is not disappearing, probably reaching out to one of our dermatologists at Skin will help in giving you the most adequate treatment.

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