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A woman carries several unwanted tattoos highlighting her past

22nd December 2014

Given the permanence of tattoos, it is fair to assume that the tattooed individual wants the mark they have paid and suffered for. Tattoos often carry symbolic meanings for their owners, either chronicling a memorable moment in their life or something they hold dear to them.

However, this moment may not always be a very joyful period of time. This certainly wasn't the case for Jennifer Kempton whose tattoos were cruel reminders of a terrible past.

Tattoos done for money and drugs

Jennifer's story into the dark world of human trafficking began from a young age. Having had a difficult and violent childhood, as well as abusive relationships, she ended up turning to street prostitution and drug addiction.

Although Jennifer eventually managed to escape this darkness, she bore constant reminders of her past; carrying the tattoos that she'd received from her abusive ex-boyfriend and the drug houses she used to frequent.

Her solution was to cover the dreadful drawings with colourful and symbolic tattoos. And whilst the originals are still there underneath new illustrations, Jennifer says that they are now a reminder that she is a survivor, making her glad to have overcome that terrible period of her life.

Removing all the bad memories

Whilst Jennifer has overcome her pain, not all are so lucky. Many remain tormented by the memories they have inked onto their body. Unable to escape this pain, permanent removal may be one way to relieve the difficulty of their past.

When considering tattoo removal, always consult with your doctor over any psychological distress that may be your driving factor. It's important to have appropriate expectations for when the tattoo is gone; it may be an important step towards happiness but will not be the only one.

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