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How to take care of your skin during the transition between summer and autumn

22nd August 2014

The majority of people will agree that it's never easy saying your goodbyes to the pleasant sunny climate each year. Not only do you need to think about making changes to your wardrobe but you will also find yourself making changes to your skin care regime when the autumn and winter seasons start to approach.

You may even find, some people going for more rejuvenation type of treatments like skin peels during the autumn season because it's much easier for your skin to turn dry and flaky this time of year.

Below are a few useful tips for you to try out on how to manage your skin during the transition between summer and autumn.

Tip one - always remember to exfoliate your skin

You should get into the habit of exfoliating your skin no matter what time of year, as it will not only leave your skin feeling refreshed but it will also help remove any old and dead skin cells that are present.

Skin experts have suggested that the chlorine and salt water from swimming pools can leave your skin looking relatively dull and unhealthy, which is where exfoliation can step in to help you avoid this problem from occurring. However, be careful not to use any exfoliaters that are too harsh on the skin mainly those ones with larger beads as they can be too rough and damaging on the skin.

Tip two - make changes to the way you cleanse your skin

Your skin is likely to become oilier in the summer than it is in the autumn, which is why it's only really necessary to deep cleanse your skin in the summer than it is in the autumn term.

Instead be easy on your skin and use this time as an opportunity to allow your skin to breathe by using gentler cleansers on your face. You could even reduce the amount of times you wash your face compared to the summer as it will be less oily.

Get in touch with a skin specialist at one of our sk:n clinics if you want to find out more about our treatments and skin care products, which will be most suitable for your skin during the seasonal changes.

Tip three - Keep your skin moisturised

As mentioned before, your skin will be much drier during the autumn. It therefore makes sense for you to keep it moisturised by using a heavier and thicker moisturiser than what you were using in the summer. Apply this at least twice or three times a day, depending on your skin type, so your skin can remain glowing and silky fresh at all times.

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