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How to prepare your skin for long haul flights this summer

12nd August 2014

As exciting as it is to break free from your usual stressful routine at work and finally go on that holiday you've been waiting for, it's still important to remember to take care of your skin at all times. They say that long-haul flights can cause a negative impact on your skin, which is why it's safer to prepare for your long-haul flight well in advance.

Below are a few useful tips on how you can prepare your skin for a long haul flight this summer.

Tip one - try to exfoliate your skin before you set off

They say that exfoliating your skin at least twice a week especially if you have oily skin can help keep your skin rejuvenated and get rid of any dead skin cells that are present. Skin experts have strongly advised for people to exfoliate their skin the morning they're due for departure. As mentioned before, this will help revitalise your face and allow your moisturiser absorb better into the skin.

Tip two - keep an eye out on your feet and thread veins on your flight

There is a high chance ofyour feet to swelling up during a long-haul flight and if you travel long distances on a regular basis, then it would be a good idea to engage in various foot exercises during your flight.

You can also wear comfortable footwear and compression socks to keep your feet protected at all times during your flight. These steps will help you keep away from the formation of thread and varicose veins in the long term. However, if you already suffer from this condition, then perhaps it would be a good idea to start your thread vein removal session with a skin specialist at a sk:n clinic near you months before you set off on holiday.

Tip three - keep yourself and your skin hydrated

It's generally important for you to always remain hydrated especially when you're travelling abroad. The lack of oxygen being absorbed in your skin when you're on the plane for a long period of time can leave your skin feeling dry, flaky and dehydrated. It's therefore recommended that you carry pocket size moisturiser or sunscreen and apply it at least twice during your flight to keep your skin refreshed.

Besides this, it would be a great idea for you to drink plenty of water throughout your lengthy journey as it’s another way of keeping yourself and your skin hydrated. Additionally, make sure you get plenty of rest to avoid any form of dark circles and puffy eyes from developing.

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