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Facials that are not for your face

2nd August 2014

There has been a growing trend of people getting facials done on various parts of the body and not just the face. Facials not only assist in refreshing your skin, but they help you recover from unsightly and painful breakouts.

Below is a list of different body facials that you could try out this season.

The butt facial

As strange as it may sound, the butt facial is in fact quite common in the summer right before people go on holiday. This facial is particularly useful for those who are intending to wear bikinis and shorter clothing during their stay. This facial begins with exfoliation, deep cleaning followed by pore-cleansing and a skin tightening mask. This will help accentuate your buttocks and make it look toned.

The back facial

This area of the body is usually prone to breakouts and clogged pores, which is why it's a good idea to get a back facial if you wish to get rid of any form of blemishes and acne breakouts. This type of facial involves deep exfoliation, which is usually guaranteed to clear out your complexion at a rapid pace.

If you're still unsure about going for a back facial because you have extremely sensitive skin, then it may be worth speaking to an experienced dermatologist for further advice on this. You can also follow our clear skin challengers on their journey to clearer skin if you want to know more about this treatment in further detail.

The scalp facial

Often dead skin cells and bacteria can start to build up on your scalp, making it sore, irritable and can even lead to unpleasant pimples on the scalp, which is never ideal. A scalp facial would help you have a healthier and fully nourished scalp. All it requires is for a professional therapist to thoroughly exfoliate the scalp at least twice a week, which in turn will help heal any form of pimples on your skin.

How else can I treat my acne?

If the facials mentioned above are not enough in healing your blemishes and you want to do more for your acne-prone skin then why not consider laser treatment for acne here at sk:n clinics? We have millions of clients going for the acne treatment option to permanently get rid of their embarrassing pimples. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this.

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