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Common to-do's for bridesmaids to follow

18th August 2014

Planning a wedding is never an easy task and neither is trying to keep the bride calm, as there’s always something they’ll be worried about. This is why you have an important job as a bridesmaid to ensure you’re keeping everything organised and are on top of your to-do’s at all times so the bride can have the wedding she’s always wished for.

Below are a few common to do’s for bridesmaids to follow, especially if this is your first time as a bridesmaid and are unsure about what would actually be required from you.

Task one – offer help with wedding planning, wherever possible

Try to offer the bride help with wedding planning as soon as the wedding date is set, rather than leaving it to the last minute to offer help. This will give you a head start in getting organised for the wedding.

Perhaps the bride might need assistance with the booking of venue, catering or seating plan arrangements. All you need to do is ask to find out how you can contribute at a very early stage of the wedding planning process.

Task two – book all the necessary treatments for the bride well in advance

It’s only natural for brides wanting to look their very best on their wedding day. However with so much going on, it’s likely for them to forget or be too busy to arrange their skin care and beauty appointments.

You probably have a good idea on what type of skin treatment the bride-to-be usually goes for or would like to go for for example laser hair removal. If this is the case then, book an appointment at a sk:n clinic near them as soon as you get the chance.

Task three – take charge when organising the bride’s hen party

Make sure the bride enjoys her hen party to the fullest and doesn’t have a single worry for the night. Take charge when organising the bachelorette party by taking full responsibility for tasks like managing the party invites, booking venues, ordering special props and matching outfits to make it an exciting night for the bride to remember.

Task four – help the bride choose bridesmaid outfits, footwear and accessories

Apart from sorting out her own outfit, the bride will also be thinking about how her bridesmaids will be dressed for the day. You can give advice on what type of outfits, footwear and accessories to pick out if they get confused by the vast selection that is available out there. The key is for both the bride and her bridesmaids is to look absolutely outstanding on the big day.

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