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Celebrities who have undergone mole removal treatment

11th August 2014

In this day and age most people, especially celebrities are always trying out various techniques to beautify their looks. Mole removal treatments, along with many other rejuvenation treatments have increasingly become a popular choice.

Below is a list of a few famous celebrities who've undergone mole removal treatment sessions and managed to transform their appearance in a positive way.

Sarah Jessica Parker goes for mole removal treatment

It has recently emerged that Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has finally been persuaded into getting her famous facial mole removed. The reasons behind her mole removal have not been confirmed as yet but there’s been speculation that she may have done so in order to put a stop to all the criticism that was associated with the mark on her chin.

Enrique Iglesias goes for mole removal treatment

Ladies man and famous Singer Enrique Iglesias is another popular celebrity who has given in to the mole removal procedure and decided to get his trademark facial mole removed.

It turns out that Enrique's Doctor talked him into getting it removed after pointing out the chances of it possibly turning cancerous and life threatening if not removed. In contrast, there are some who believe he done it for cosmetic reasons.

Madonna goes for mole removal treatment

Pop diva and Singer Madonna has also allegedly had a mole above her lip removed. What was once seen as a beauty mark in the 1950's and something superstars like Marilyn Monroe were famously known for is now greatly avoided.

It seems people like Madonna are much more aware of the fact that moles can turn cancerous and lead to serious health problems in the long term so it's better for them to be removed as soon as they're detected.

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