Apprentice winner, Dr. Leah offers Danielle O’ Hara free tattoo removal

Relationship breakdowns are relatively common and it has recently emerged in the press that former Miss England, Danielle O’Hara has also gone through a marriage breakdown herself.

It hasn’t been easy for the Model and former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate dealing with the separation and having to live with the tattoo of her former partner’s name upon her ribcage. A supportive Dr. LeahTotton,‘Apprentice’ winner of 2013 has reached out and decided to offer the Model free laser tattoo removal sessions to get rid of this unhealthy reminder of her ex-husband.

These tattoo removal sessions will take place at Miss Totten’s very own skin clinic, which iconic figure, Lord Sugar has helped build from scratch. "The most common reason my clients have tattoo removal treatment is because they have a tattoo dedicated to a loved one of the past. The breakdown of a relationship is difficult and my thoughts are with Danielle now" she revealed in a recent interview.

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