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An eye-opening documentary on tattoo regrets

25th August 2014

The number of people going for laser tattoo removal treatment sessions has grown radically and become just as common as people getting tattoos in the first place. Below is a short clip, which shows a few examples of people having regrets about their tattoos and resorting to tattoo removal treatment courses to get rid of their unwanted body art once and for all.

A closer insight into the documentary on tattoo regrets

Despite the age restrictions, many people get their tattoos at a really young age, even in their teens. In the clip we see a range of different people telling us about their tattoo regrets, one of these people being Angela Bowman, who tells us about her three tattoo regrets.

Her first tattoo regret means ‘love’ in Chinese, which doesn't have much meaning in her life. The second tattoo she regrets appears on her wrist, which is meant to be a tribal infinity sign, but isn't how she expected it to be. The final tattoo she regrets is a tattoo showing the initials of her former partner who she is no longer with.

We also get a chance to meet Sharon Blondeau, who is an experienced registered nurse that's been carrying out laser tattoo removal treatments on millions of clients over the past five and a half years. She tells us that she usually sees up to 25-50 people a week for tattoo removal, who are normally between the ages of 25-50 and have been living with their tattoos since an early age.

She believes that people that get tattoos at an older age are more likely to keep them, as the tattoo would be more meaningful to them unlike the younger generation who often tend to make impulsive decisions and then regret them later in life.

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