Adrienne Bailon excited to finally remove Rob Kardashian’s name from her buttocks

Famous American Singer and Actress Adrienne Bailon, has recently expressed her excitement to finally remove her former partner Rob Kardashian's name from her buttocks. She admits that getting this tattoo in the first place was a rash decision, especially because they are now no longer together.

Below is a short clip on what Adrienne Bailon has to say about her recent tattoo removal treatment sessions.

Bailon tells the press that she couldn't be happier about her tattoo. She says that the laser tattoo removal process has always been something she wanted to go for but wasn't sure where to exactly get it done, as she didn't want to make a bad situation, worse.

According to Bailon, she originally got this tattoo because she was genuinely in love with him at the time and because he also got a tattoo of her name inked on his body. Tattoo regrets including former partners is nothing new, this does unfortunately happen all the time so our advice to you would be to really think before you ink.

However, if you've already got unwanted tattoos and want to desperately get rid of these then why not speak to an experienced dermatologist at one of our sk:n clinics and decide on your next steps.


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