Blogs from August 2014

  • How nutmeg can help relieve blackheads and other health problems

    Nutmeg is not only a well known spice that adds flavour to our food, but it also carries a number of skin and health benefits.... read more

  • Useful skincare tips for Freshers' Week

    It's that time of year again, where former A-Level students set off to university to start a whole new chapter and finally get a chance to see what the Freshers' Week buzz is all about.... read more

  • The alternative beauty facials

    Facials such as skin peels and microdermbrasion facials have become a popular practice amongst both men and women. There are many different types of beauty facials that you may not know about, which celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian practice regularly.... read more

  • An eye-opening documentary on tattoo regrets

    The number of people going for laser tattoo removal treatment sessions has grown radically and become just as common as people getting tattoos in the first place.... read more

  • Hirsutism from the eyes of a professional health expert

    Hirsutism is a type of skin condition, which involves the growth of unwanted excess facial and bodily hair in women. Health experts have previously blamed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for being one of the main triggers of this condition.... read more

  • The all-around beauty benefits of argan oil

    There has recently been a growing demand for argan oil. This product has claimed to be multi-functional as it can be used to beautify your looks as well as add flavour to many of your foods. Below are a few beauty benefits of this item that may be useful to you.... read more

  • How to take care of your skin during the transition between summer and autumn

    The majority of people will agree that it's never easy saying your goodbyes to the pleasant sunny climate each year. Not only do you need to think about making changes to your wardrobe but you will also find yourself making changes to your skin care regime when the autumn and winter seasons start to approach.... read more

  • Acne-free summer camping

    Are you feeling adventurous this summer and have a camping trip planned? Then don't forget to carry all your beauty essentials and pay extra attention to the maintenance of your skin. Below is a list of tips you can take on board to ensure you have an acne-free summer camping trip this season.... read more

  • Common to-do's for bridesmaids to follow

    Planning a wedding is never an easy task and neither is trying to keep the bride calm, as there's always something they'll be worried about. This is why you have an important job as a bridesmaid to ensure you're keeping everything organised and are on top of your to-do's at all times so the bride can have the wedding she's always wished for.... read more

  • Model Molly Sim's struggle with adult acne

    Actress and Model Molly Sims recently opened up about her stressful journey with adult acne, which allegedly started in her late teens and has stuck with her since. It has no doubt been one of the biggest obstacles in her life and modelling career. She has apparently had to take time off work due to her skin flaring to varying extents.... read more

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