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Weekend beauty wonders

9th April 2014

With the working week whirling by in a rush of appointments, after work drinks and long commutes, it can feel near impossible to find time to invest in invigorating your skin. sk:n clinics offers a selection of high-performance treatments that give instant results with no downtime to help combat acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, anti-ageing and more, leaving you glowing for a weekend of fun.
Chemical Peels
If you’re looking to achieve glowing, fresh skin with quick results and minimal downtime, try a chemical peel; skin is swept with a non-toxic chemical solution to exfoliate and encourage collagen production and cell renewal. sk:n clinics offers a range of peels suitable for all skin types and desired effect, from acne scarring to anti-ageing. A course of four peels is recommended, however results are visible after just one treatment.
sk:n clinics only administer peels clinically proven to offer the best results. All procedures are performed by highly trained staff in a medical environment, according to strict protocols.
Glycolic Peel: Glycolic peels use glycolic acid, a natural substance derived from sugar cane, to penetrate into pores and lift off debris, leaving skin looking smooth and clear. The top two layers of the epidermis are removed to stimulate growth of new, healthy skin. This is the most gentle peel available and is suitable for treating sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Gycolic peels are suitable for darker skin. (Prices from £40)
Jessner’s Peel: A light skin peel that smoothes and rejuvenate skin, Jessner’s Peels are particularly effective on scarring. The peel is excellent for all skin types and treating mild to severe acne, discolouration, moderate wrinkling and sun damage. (Prices from £180)
TCA Peel: TCA Peels penetrate deepest into the skin and so are recommended for mild acne, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The deep exfoliating effects of TCA peels mean it can clean out congested pores to refine the surface of your skin. (Prices from £147.50)

Mandelic Peel: Recommended for sensitive skin rejuvenation and darker skin tones, the treatment smoothes and softens the skin, diminishes fine lines, combats acne outbreaks and reduces discolouration. Mandelic Peels contain MSM, an ingredient which helps reduce inflammation of the skin, so are particularly effective for treating rosacea. MSM also helps prevent the production of melanin, meaning Mandelic Peels are suited to darker skin tones. (Prices from £180)
Microcrystals propel across the skin’s surface to remove the top layer of cells, leaving smooth skin with minimal down-time. The process reveals new and healthy skin cells, which leads to collagen production and plumper skin. This treatment can improve congested skin, fine lines, superficial acne scars and mild pigmentation. Skin will feel softer and look subtly improved after the first treatment, however a course of six across many weeks is recommended. Over time, circulation should increase within the dermis and newer, healthier skin cells are produced. (From £50).
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