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Top tips on how to get pregnant naturally with PCOS

8th April 2014

It can be extremely challenging trying for a baby with PCOS. Difficulties in conceiving, weight gain, excess hair, are all common symptoms of this condition. This doesn't mean that if you have PCOS you won't conceive naturally though, as many women do. Research has shown that natural and herbal remedies can greatly help speed up the conception process for these women.

Tip 1: Milk thistle

Milk thistle is an effective herbal remedy that can improve your chances of becoming fertile despite suffering from PCOS. It ensures that your liver in particular is always functioning properly. You will have a greater chance of restoring your fertility levels if you ensure your liver is kept in good health with milk thistle, making it easier for you to conceive.

Tip 2: Green tea

Green tea is not only known to aid with weight loss, it's also known for increasing the chances of fertilisation to occur. This is because green tea helps us to ensure a healthier internal environment is available to our reproductive cells.

Tip 3: Spearmint tea

You could also make the most out of consuming spearmint tea on a regular basis as part of your PCOS treatment process. Scientists have found that two cups of this tea consumed on a daily basis can have strong impact a woman's hormonal levels and help them keep their menstrual cycle in control.


Getting pregnant might not be your only worry when suffering from PCOS. Other symptoms like excess hair growth and acne prone skin might also be contributing towards your worries.

If this is the case, then we can help you at sk:n. We offer a variety of treatments ranging from laser hair removal to laser treatment for acne that can really make a difference to your life. To find out more about these, get in touch with us today.

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