The tattoo removal aftercare

17th April 2014

Understanding the steps that are required for the aftercare of tattoo removal is just as important as knowing about the treatment sessions. You have to make a conscious effort in ensuring the treated areas are consistently taken care of after a treatment session. By doing so, you will avoid any unpleasant infections, rashes or scabs from occurring.

Below are a few useful laser tattoo removal aftercare tips for you to note down.

Tip one: be extra cautious in the first two days after tattoo removal

It is advisable that, after each tattoo removal session you pay extra attention in taking care of the treated area. Make sure you try to get hold of some antibacterial solution, to apply to the affected area as this help prevent any infections from taking place after treatment. It would also be beneficial to, avoid applying any fragrance based cosmetics to avoid causing irritation to the skin.

Tip two: try keeping your skin clean

It is recommended that you clean the entire treated area thoroughly and frequently with clean warm water during the healing process. It would be helpful if you're always using clean towels, bed sheets, etc, just to be on the safe side.

Tip three: don't pick or remove any scabs

You should try your best to avoid picking any scabs that appear on the affected area because this could leave permanent scars and unsightly marks on your skin. If your skin becomes red and more aggravated than usual, then it would be advisable to seek further advice from your chosen dermatologist.

Tip four: apply sunscreen during times of sunlight exposure

It would be a good idea for you to make sure you always apply sunscreen to avoid any sun damage to your skin especially after a removal session. Your skin will be sensitive, particularly after a tattoo removal session, so make sure the treated area in particular is fully protected with sunscreen.

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