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The 'Manzilian'- the latest beauty craze for men

25th April 2014

It appears that women are not the only ones who are obsessed with their looks. It turns out that men have also been catching up with this beauty craze. A vast number of clinics across London have reported that they have seen an increase in popularity for waxing for men. Laser hair removal for men has been a popular method of hair removal among many males.

What unwanted hairs are they exactly getting removed?

Hair removal on the chest, back and the most intimate parts of the body also famously known as ‘the manzilian’, have become one of the most popular choices among men. Who would have thought that manscaping would become the new trend?

Our thoughts

There is nothing embarrassing about men considering laser hair removal treatments even on the most private parts of the body. If you have a holiday coming up this summer then, don't hesitate to speak to one of our skin specialists at sk:n today.

Our previous clients has given us positive reviews on providing one of the best hair removal services, so book your free consultation today to find out more for yourself about what we do.

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