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sk:n recommends: www.managingpcos.org.au

26th April 2014

Coming to terms with having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one thing and then knowing how to manage it is another. The more you know about the condition, the more likely it is for you to arrange the best type of PCOS treatment for you.

Below you will find, a few sections, that have been extracted from the following website, www.managingpcos.org.au/. We thought these in particular would be of great use to our readers, especially for those who already suffer from PCOS.

PCOS healthy living

This segment of the website talks about the importance of healthy living. Following a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise is particularly important for those suffering from PCOS. Particular elements that stood out to us were the sections around what times of the day to eat and how much exercise we should really be doing. To read more on this section click the link below.


PCOS hair and acne: management and treatment

Another section of the website that stood out for us, focused on the management and treatment of excess hair and acne.

The subsection about cosmetic treatments was also of particular interest to us. It was made clear here that dermatologist practices like sk:n offer treatments like laser hair removal, laser treatment for acne and have particular expertise in treating women with PCOS. To read more about these click on the link below.


PCOS- irregular periods- management and treatment

It can go either way with periods, if you are suffering from PCOS. You can either have regular periods, excess hair, heavy breakouts and weight gain issues or you can have irregular periods and still experience all the symptoms listed above.

In this section we are given details of what to look out for during our menstrual cycle process. We are also given details about the risks and benefits on some of the popular methods of contraception. To find out more click the link below.


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