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Skin care tips on how to manage your rosacea

3rd April 2014

Rosacea is a condition where certain facial blood vessels enlarge, making our skin look redder and rosier than usual. Those who suffer from this should not be disheartened, because there are various skin care tips you can follow to manage your rosacea.

Tip 1: learn more about your triggers

One of the first steps to relieving your rosacea is to understand your triggers and know which ones worsen your condition. Some skin care products such as moisturisers and make-up may contain ingredients, which may not suit your skin.

Tip 2: apply sunscreen on your face regularly

As part of your rosacea treatment, you should apply sunscreen on your face regularly. In a survey by the National Rosacea Society 81% of patients said that sun exposure and hot weather affects their rosacea, so it's best to always apply sunscreen every day if you have sensitive skin. Also choose a sunscreen that would suit your skin the most and not cause a reaction.

Tip 3: use warm water on your face

Make sure that you are using warm water when you have a shower or wash your face. Too much heat can worsen your rosacea and is likely to dry out your skin, leaving it in a poorer state than it originally was.

Tip 4: consider going for laser treatment for your rosacea

There are a number of rosacea treatments for you to choose from with laser being the most promising. It all really depends on the severity of your condition to see which rosacea treatment will suit you best.

If a longer lasting solution is what you are looking for then laser may just be the procedure for you. Find out more by booking a free consultation with us at sk:n.

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