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Sarah Jagger's Anti-Ageing Makeup Master Class

15th April 2014

Make-up can work wonders on bringing out your youthful side, in addition to the regular skin rejuvenation treatments you may already be using. Makeup is commonly used for concealing unpleasant pimples and helping you look younger.

Below is a short clip on Sarah Jagger's anti-ageing make-up master class on ITV's This Morning. Here you can gain some useful tips on how you can cover up any unwanted wrinkles and take years off your face with the assistance of make-up or needing further help from a qualified dermatologist.

Some of the key features of the clip

In the clip Sarah Jagger points outs that you should firstly thoroughly asses your make-up routine if you want to achieve a more revitalised and youthful complexion.

Jagger's make-up routine in the clip begins with using a primer. A type of make-up product, which fills in fine lines, open pores and really gives a smoother looking complexion.

Some of the other cosmetic products that Jagger applies on her model include, foundation, eye concealer, brightening powder, creamy eye shadows and an amplifying lipstick. These all contribute to you achieving healthier and more youthful looking skin, especially if carried out in the same order as Jagger has on the model in the clip.

One of the interesting tips to take away from is to understand the importance of using a liquid highlighter as part of our make-up routine. According to Jagger, it is one of the most important anti-ageing make-up products, because it effectively helps blur over fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to this, Jagger talks about helpful tips to help counteract signs of ageing, is to apply lip pencil and maybe a brighter coloured lipstick, to give your lips definition and a more fuller effect.

Other rejuvenation treatments

You can also try out other types of rejuvenation treatments like skin tightening for a more youthful and glowing complexion. If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, then you should consider visiting a sk:n clinic near you to find out more from our expert dermatologists.

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