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Quick ways to banish your back acne

5th April 2014

The ugly truth about acne breakouts is that they can spread onto other parts of the body like the back. Back acne, which is sometimes referred to as ‘bacne’ is just as important to manage as facial acne.

Below are a few useful ways on how you can permanently banish your back acne.

Method 1: use a soft body brush

Some areas of the body are difficult to reach whilst having a shower, so using a soft body brush with a long handle will come in handy. It's especially important that a soft body brush is used when cleansing and exfoliating your back to avoid your breakouts from forming or getting worse.

Method 2: wash your bed sheets regularly

As part of your at home acne treatment, one of the most basic things to do is to ensure you are washing your bed sheets at least once a week. Although we might be under the impression that our bed sheets are bacteria-free, the truth is that they won't be and would need to be changed on a weekly basis to avoid any form of acne from spreading.

Method 3: avoid textured fabric

Get in the habit of wearing soft and natural clothing such as smooth cotton fabrics, especially if you are already suffering from acne-prone skin. Wearing lace or textured fabrics that are constantly rubbing against your skin can cause unnecessary friction against the skin, leading to unpleasant pimples and rashes appearing on the skin.

Method 4: begin laser acne treatment

If the acne on your body is a concern, then why not begin laser acne treatment. Regain your confidence back at a quicker pace by starting your treatment sessions with an expert dermatologist from our medical team today. They are all fully trained to deliver the smooth and flawless skin you've always wanted.

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