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Myths and facts about PCOS and fertility

16th April 2014

PCOS is a condition, which involves multiple cysts being present on the ovaries and is commonly linked with women undergoing infertility, excess hair and acne related issues. Some of these symptoms require women to seek professional help from an expert skin specialist to be able to successfully fight against their PCOS.

As mentioned earlier, PCOS has a strong correlation with causing infertility issues, which can be addressed either naturally or through the use of other techniques. Below are a number of myths about PCOS that are worth knowing about.

Myth one: if you are overweight, there is nothing you can do

FACT: incorrect

It's fair to say that it is more challenging for women with PCOS to lose weight in but it's not impossible. It will be hard work but it is achievable, as long as you consistently follow a strict diet and do regular exercise. These steps will help you keep your insulin resistance levels in control as this can be the main reason behind our excess weight.

Myth two: you don't need to worry about your PCOS until you are trying to fall pregnant

FACT: incorrect

This can vary hugely among women, because we are all likely to deal with our PCOS condition very differently to one another. Some may have major concerns over their acne-prone skin and excess hair, whereas others may overlook these and carry on as normal.

It would be advisable however; that you try to tackle these PCOS related problems as early as possible. Laser treatments like laser facial hair removal and acne laser treatments can be of great help and are worth researching.

It's recommended that you don't leave it too late before trying for a baby or you would be likely to suffer from further conception complications.

Myth three: PCOS goes away after menopause

Fact: incorrect

Although, it's true that menopause can help with delaying some of the PCOS symptoms such as excess hair and acne, it will however, still not help get rid of these on a permanent basis. Bearing this in mind, it would be worthwhile, investing in procedures like permanent laser hair removal achieve more smoother and flawless looking skin at an earlier stage in your life.

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