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Men's guidance to shaving acne-prone skin

12nd April 2014

Shaving facial hair everyday can often become a tedious and repetitive task for most men. Some may even experience razor cuts, blemished skin and unpleasant ingrown hairs if this method of hair removal is not executed correctly.

Below is a short clip highlighting the best ways for men with acne-prone skin to shave which includes a number of tips for you to take away.

How to shave acne-prone skin

In this short clip we are given a step-by-step guide on how men suffering from severe acne should be shaving to avoid further breakouts. According to the expert in the video, the shaving process, would involve you using a hot towel, pre-shave oil and shaving cream.

It is also advised for you to be gentle and have light pressure on the blade throughout the shaving process. These actions, once implemented, will ensure that your skin doesn't become irritated, excessively inflamed and cause bacteria, leading to more unattractive pimples on your face.

What else can we learn from this clip?

At the end of the clip, it has also been suggested for you to visit an expert dermatologist to have a further look at your acne-prone skin.

He reminds us that practitioners at these skin clinics will also have special products and services to help you relieve your acne at a quicker pace such as laser acne treatment. Find out more by getting in touch with one of our sk:n experts today.

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