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Let's talk bikini hair removal

11th April 2014

Are you jetting away somewhere hot and exotic this summer? If so then, then you might be considering which hair removal procedures you want to undergo before your holiday starts.

Below we have listed a few bikini hair removal procedures you can try out along with the pros and cons for each. These are particularly useful for those who will regularly be wearing a bikini during their vacation.

Shave it off

The obvious choice for many people would be to use a disposable razor or an electrical razor to get rid of your bikini line hairs. However, it is advisable to try and avoid dry shaving as this can cause irritation and itchiness to the skin, so make sure you use soap or shaving cream for this process. Its also worth remembering that the bikini line is a sensitive area, so make sure you take your time shaving and you are extra careful.

Pros: it's inexpensive, convenient, and pain free.

Cons: shaving can leave a fair amount of ingrown hairs and would require regular maintenance. The hair may even grow back relatively stubbly.

Use laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment is usually carried out by a qualified skin specialist over a course of roughly 6-8 months. It has become a really popular method of hair removal even around sensitive areas, like the bikini line.

You would usually require having at least one treatment session every month if you want to see the best results from your laser hair removal treatment. These sessions should ideally be arranged at least two months before your holiday.

Pros: this provides more permanent and longer lasting results in just 6-7 treatment sessions. It is a safe hair removal procedure, which is performed only by expert dermatologists. Cons: it can be quite costly, slightly painful and cause redness the first couple of times you undergo the procedure, if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Wax it off

This procedure is usually executed at a salon from a beauty therapist. It involves them gently applying hot wax over

the bikini line area with a flat wooden tongue depressor and then stripping the hairs off with a set of wax strips.

Pros: it is an effective, efficient, reasonably priced hair removal technique which gives you longer lasting results and smoother looking skin in comparison to shaving and hair removal cream.

Cons: it can be quite painful especially around the more sensitive areas of your body, like your bikini line. People with sensitive skin may experience redness and blemishes from this type of hair removal technique.

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