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How to get rid of milk spots

1st April 2014

Having small white pimples on the skin also known as milk spots can be a huge annoyance. These are normally formed when dead skin cells get trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Below is a list of useful suggestions you can follow on how to get rid of milk spots.

Tip 1: ensure your face is always clean

People from all age groups can be affected with this condition, but regardless of age always ensure your face is always kept clean. Skin specialists suggest that a baby's or young child's skin should be washed with warm water once a day, while adult skin should be cleaned twice a day. It would also be useful for adults to invest in a good exfoliating moisturiser.

Tip 2: keep your skin protected from the sun

It's advisable to stay out of the sun as much as possible, because too much sun exposure can worsen your condition. If possible, try to apply a gentle oil-free sunblock specially designed for facial care to ensure your pores do not get clogged any further.

Tip 3: avoid scratching these off

As horrid as they may seem to you, scratching or popping them will only make your skin worse and could cause unnecessary irritation to your skin. The best thing to do, is to get these treated by a professional dermatologist or wait for these to heal naturally.

Further advice

Milk spots can also be removed professionally by trained dermatologists. If your milia condition is of growing concern, then speak to our expert medical team here at sk:n. Book your free consultation today so we can answer your questions.

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