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Dermal Fillers: Your Questions Answered

3rd April 2014

By Lesley Williams

At sk:n, we offer a free, no obligation consultation, and during this time with my client, I like to establish what concerns they have and the best way to accommodate this.

We also offer ongoing free reviews and support if needed.

Volume loss and the ageing process:

Facial volume contributes significantly to facial ageing. By assessing the face and looking for facial shadows and depressions allows me to identify where volume has been lost. This typically occurs in the cheek area (malar region), which contributes to looking old and unwell. The infraorbital area creates hollow depressions and flattening of the cheeks that can make a face look tired. Loss of elasticity, combined with the effects of gravity leads to a more prominent nose to mouth line (nasolabial fold).

And then of course, there's the marionette lines that can have a downward turn effect on the mouth, giving a 'sad' look.

How do fillers work?

Dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, a product the body naturally produces. As we age, our own hyaluronic acid breaks down, causing loss of volume and thinning of the lips, therefore causing us to look old.

At sk:n, we use only Allergan, the best product on the market. By injecting into the dermal layer of the skin, we replace the loss of volume, plumping out lines, creases and folds, which give an instant result, therefore giving a rejuvenated, fresher look. This dermal filler will break down naturally over time, in some cases, and depending which filler is used, may last up to 18 months.

Will I look fake?

This is a question I get asked all the time during a consultation. I explain to my clients that we do not aim to give a fake look, and that the end point is natural.

There is very little down time with the Allergan product and it is suitable for a variety of clients.

During the treatment process after I have consented the client, I take a photograph. This is essential for the 'before and after' photographs that we keep on the system.

What about side effects?

As with any injectable, there is always a risk of bruising and bleeding. These are the two most common possible side effects as we are breaking the surface of the skin and there is a vascular network of capillaries and vessels beneath the skin. We take every precaution to avoid this occurring but it may happen at times.

Future treatments

Over the last two years, I have built up a lovely client base at sk:n and see my clients returning annually for more filler treatments. It is great to see their confidence build, knowing that I have helped them achieve their desired look.

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Lesley is a qualified nurse who has worked for sk:n for almost 3 years. In that time she has taken on the Lead Nurse roll, along with Lead Nurse trainer.

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