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Cassandra Bankson: foods that cause your breakouts

13rd April 2014

Suffering from cystic acne can often be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience. This has certainly been the case for Cassandra Bankson, an American model and online media personality. Below is a short clip about foods that Bankson recommends people with acne- prone skin should stay away from.

Foods that are linked with breakouts

Avoid peanuts

In this clip, Bankson points out that peanuts contain certain chemicals that mocks the male hormone testosterone. Having high levels of testosterone in our body is never a good thing, as this can often be the reason behind the hormonal imbalances in our body and most importantly, the reason behind our acne-prone skin.

In fact, it would be worth asking your chosen dermatologist about the do's and don'ts of what you can eat during your acne treatment course.

Avoid sushi

Whether you have an allergy against seafood or not, Bankson still recommends that, people with acne related issues, should avoid consuming too much sushi. The excessive amount of salt used in the sushi soya sauce is usually the main culprit behind our acne breakouts.

In a nutshell, any food that contains high levels of salt, with sushi being a great example, should be avoided.

Avoid salsa sauce

Salsa sauce is covered with salt, and as we already know, high levels of salt in our body will have adverse effects on our skin. It also contains chilli peppers or hot peppers, which can also aggravate our acne condition and should ultimately, only be consumed moderately.

Spicy food including salsa sauce, according to Bankson, causes an inflammatory response to our skin, leading to further unpleasant breakouts. It is best to stay away from these at least until our acne treatment clears up and we start seeing positive results from our acne laser treatment sessions.

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