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A close up with Miley Cyrus and her previous acne troubles

10th April 2014

The ‘We Can’t Stop’ American singer and actress, Miley Cyrus, has recently revealed that she too, experienced severe acne troubles whilst growing up. Although Cyrus, is mainly known for her confident and eccentric personality, this doesn't mean she hasn't undergone insecurity issues in the past because of her acne-prone skin.

Below is a short clip highlighting how her acne skin problems contributed towards her depression.

How acne affected Miley

In her latest interviews she reveals that she was bullied and heavily criticised for having acne during her teens. “I went through a time where I was really depressed. Like, I locked myself in my room and my dad had to break my door down.” the 21-year-old tells Elle in a recent interview. The Disney star has got over this phase now, and with the help of a range of acne treatment remedies she has now successfully managed to clear her pimples.

What you can do about your acne?

Acne affects the best of us, including celebrities like Miley Cyrus. Even though your acne prone skin can knock your confidence and self-esteem, it's still important you know exactly how to fight back.

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