Blogs from 2014

  • Are your glasses giving you acne?

    Have you noticed acne or clogged pores on your face around the area where your glasses are? It may be that your glasses are causing this uncomfortable ailment. Glasses can be a valuable tool for sight and a striking fashion accessory, but if they are giving you spots then wearing them relentlessly may not be to your benefit.

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  • Can Jade rollers rejuvenate your skin?

    Looking for a new way to make your skin look young? This tool might seem like a modern way of rejuvenating your skin but it actually originates from Chinese society back to 5000BC and was found during the 12th century. During this period, jade was considered a symbol of immortality, and all the Chinese Imperial family would be covered from head-to-toe with jade suits. It has been found that the jade is also a symbol of beauty.

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  • Will this gel reduce rosacea redness?

    A new prescription gel available on the NHS is claiming to provide the 6 million Britons who suffer from rosacea a cheap alternative to laser treatments.... read more

  • Diabetic Skin Conditions: How to treat them

    Even when following strict diets, many diabetics can unfortunately develop specific skin conditions. Consequently, it is important to notice and treat your skin conditions early in order to successfully avoid break outs in the future.... read more

  • Should your teen get laser hair removal

    Shaving your legs for the first time a rite of passage for most women; but once you start, you can’t stop. As soon as you start shaving, you’re committing yourself to a world of thick, coarse stubble that’s with you until you the end.... read more

  • Meet the new breed of spa-loving men

    As the shackles of gender stereotypes are slowly pushed out the door, both men and women are entering areas they have previously been deemed “unsuitable” for them. Surprisingly, going to the spa was a trend started by men despite the association with it being a female environment. ... read more

  • Tattoo removal could combat acne scars

    Research regarding the impacts of Laser Tattoo removal has been suggested to not only get rid of your tattoos but also seems to remove your acne scars. We have looked into the functionalities of laser tattoo removal, which can make your acne disappear.

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  • New Year Skin Resolutions

    It’s this time of the year again, time to look forward to 2015 and make this new year a fresh start towards a brand new you. We have looked into what could be your new year skin resolutions to glow for the upcoming year.... read more

  • Can you fight skin problems with oats?

    Suffering from skin problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea can be extremely frustrating, as covering them with make-up doesn't stop you from feeling really irritated. There are a myriad of solutions out there but one simple, understated remedy that we have investigated are oats and how it can improve your skin.... read more

  • Tattoo Regret

    There's an old saying that death and taxes were life's only inevitabilities, but for many years you could guarantee that once you got a tattoo, it was with you for life. Now, thankfully for many, there are relatively painless and affordable solutions that give you the chance to change your mind.... read more

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