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Why do I look older than my age?

5th September 2013

Chances are you may think you look older than your age, but you probably look fabulous! Signs of ageing skin are not just dependent on increasing years but also on lifestyle, so here are few lifestyle reasons why you might be feeling that you do.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure is sun damage and the most common reason for people looking older than their age. Wear SPF factor, protect your skin and wear sunglasses to stop yourself from squinting at the sun.


Let's face it, smoking isn't good for much and that includes your skin. Years of smoking can really harm the skin and make you appear older and your skin an unhealthly colour and texture. The good news is, it's never too late to give up.


A poor diet and/or yo-yo dieting will not help you look younger in the long term. If you lose weight quickly and then gain it quickly this can stretch the skins elasticity. So keep to a balanced diet and if you want to lose weight do it at a steady pace.

If you do feel that for whatever reason you look older than your age and want to turn back a few years, then sk:n could help. If you come to one of our clinics for a consultation we can walk you through the range of treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, facial rejuventation or skin peels that would be suitable for you.

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